Better Drives Us

Hyundai is dedicated to making things better for everyone. It's at the heart of everything they do.

21 years ago, Hyundai created Hope on Wheels to fund pediatric cancer research and build awareness for the disease, generating more than $160 million since its launch. It’s a continued commitment to ensuring better outcomes for children and families, and just one way Hyundai works to build a better future for people everywhere.

From designing innovative, technologically advanced cars to supporting cancer-fighting research, Hyundai believes in finding big and small ways to make a difference. That's why Hyundai cares so much about sharing the stories of these Young Entrepreneurs. They, like Hyundai, strive to make things better for those they serve.

The Young Entrepreneurs program has created real-life, socially-driven impact.

In 2017, Hyundai and BuzzFeed teamed up for the first edition of the Young Entrepreneurs docuseries to follow inspiring organizations from across the U.S. as they create incredible change and work to build their communities. These are more than just passion projects; each Young Entrepreneur is taking on a cause that impacts us all and innovates tirelessly to make them better.

Within a week of the series’ launch, Lunch on Me received more than 700 emails from individuals eager to help, as well as food donations from Uber and Whole Foods and a chef at SpaceX volunteering for the organization, which we think is pretty cool. Other Young Entrepreneurs alum like Town Kitchen, Philly Urban Creators and Blue Latitudes are seeing similar boosts in followers and volunteers, and their individual impacts are growing more and more every day.

This season, Young Entrepreneurs follows Imperfect Foods, SUAY,  BlackFem, MOVE Inclusive Dance, and Genusee as they work to minimize food waste, repurpose textiles, improve financial literacy, create inclusive spaces for the differently-abled, and turn plastic bottles into sustainable eyewear. Tune in to each journey, and if you feel inspired, you can donate to like-minded causes that work every day to build a better world.

Hyundai cares about tomorrow. They’re building a greener, stronger, more accessible future, so people everywhere can have a better future.

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